Schwinn Hazel Kids Bike Review

Do your kids want their bikes? The bike is designed for a great balance and easy-to-ride feel and the tires for better stability and handling.

Get them into the saddle now with a Schwinn Hazel Kids Bike and help set them on the path to success.

Quick Brief

  • The seat pad is designed to fit your child’s growing body.
  • The adjustable saddle
  • Features a durable steel frame and durable steel fork
  • This bike includes a rear coaster brake and a front calliper brake 
  • SmartStart Technology bike 
Schwinn Hazel Kids Bike Review

Schwinn Hazel Kids Bike, 20-Inch Wheels, Polo Mint

Last update was on: June 8, 2024 7:52 pm

About Schwinn Hazel Kids Bike

The Schwinn Hazel Kids Bike is for children up to 6 years old who have been potty trained and are ready for the next stage of riding – the bike! Children learn to balance, use their body weight to propel themselves forward, learn how to steer and handle the bike by themselves. Once they become proficient riders, bike helps them develop motor skills and coordination as they progress to the next level.

The Schwinn Hazel Kids Bike helps children develop these important skills, letting them explore the world around them. It’s a great tool for kids who want to ride a bike but aren’t yet ready to handle it themselves.

The Schwinn Hazel Kids Bike is perfect for young riders to explore the city streets on their own two wheels. This bike features a sturdy steel frame and a comfortable seat for your child. The easy-grip hand brake helps keep kids safe, and the comfortable padded seat provides extra comfort for long rides. The Schwinn Hazel Kids Bike comes with 20-inch alloy wheels, which provide easy transportation in and around town.

Moreover, The Schwinn Hazel girl’s bike features 20-inch wheels and is recommended for children ages six and up, or approximately 4 to 5 feet tall. The Hazel is ideal for riding to the park or around the neighbourhood on the sidewalk.

With Schwinn’s SmartStart Technology, the frame, cranks, and pedals are positioned forward. The gearing is designed for easier starting, the pedal positions are narrower, and the grips and seat are smaller.

This bike has a rear coaster brake (reverse the pedals to stop) and a front calliper brake (hand-brake like adult bikes), making it easier for them to transition to a hand-brake-only bike when they’re ready.

The adjustable saddle, seat post, and slack seat-tube angle allow the Schwinn Hazel girl’s bike to grow alongside your child and prepare them for a full-sized bicycle.

The Schwinn Hazel girl’s bike wheels are complete with a handlebar bag and flower grip end. Therefore, the Schwinn Hazel Kids Bike is a great option for your child.


  • Rigid Suspension
  •  Lighter frame
  • The adjustable saddle
  • Easy to assemble
  • Steel Frame


  • A little bit less sturdy
  •  Smaller grips and seat.
Last update was on: June 8, 2024 7:52 pm


What Is The Weight Limit Of The Schwinn Hazel Kids Bike?

The weight limit of the Schwinn Hazel Kids Bike is 50 pounds.

What Is The Age Range For The Schwinn Hazel Kids Bike?

The Schwinn Hazel Kids bike is designed for children up to 6years old.

How Much Is A Bike Worth?

This presumes that the bike is in good condition and contains its original components. Several factors can affect the value of a bicycle, including its age, rarity, and brand.

Additionally, it is an excellent bike, well-designed and manufactured with quality factors and bike technical specifications mentioned.

Does It Have A Kickstand?

The Hazel Bike does come with a kickstand for easy storage when they’re done riding. The kickstand works pretty well! 

Can You Add A Basket?

Yes, attached it with a zip tie. The bike comes with a handlebar bag.

What Are Customers Saying?

Out of 100%, 74% of the people who purchased this bike rated it 5 stars out of 5, 12% of the customers believed that the Schwinn Hazel Kids bike was worth 4 stars. 

Moreover, those who rated it 5 stars opined that the bike is perfect in size for kids of 6 years. Even some believed that an eleven-year-old kid could ride the bike easily. 

They thought the bike is easy to assemble and durable and quality parts.

Further, Hazel’s Bike is sturdy, fun design, well built, ergonomic, and has a good starter bike. The bike looks beautiful.

On the other hand, those (6%/100%) who rated this bike below the 3 stars expressed their critics that the company should consider the bike size quality and handlebars according to their provided specifications. 

Schwinn Hazel Kids Bike, 20-Inch Wheels, Polo Mint

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