Best Gravel Bikes Under $500 In 2022

If you’re looking for the best gravel bikes under $500, you’ve come to the right place. Our goal is to provide you with some of the best available options and help you make a well-informed decision.

A growing number of people are getting into gravel biking, and there’s a reason for that! Getting a workout while enjoying nature is a great way to spend time outside.

We’ve rounded up our recommendations for the best budget gravel bikes. We will look at the 12 best gravel bikes under $500 based on their unique characteristics. So, without further ado, let’s take a closer look at each gravel bike model.

Adult Gravel Bike Schwinn Sporterra Adventure

Adult Gravel Bike Schwinn Sporterra Adventure

Schwinn Sporterra gravel bikes cost around $500, making them an affordable option for beginners. In addition to being more versatile, this bike is built to withstand a little more punishment than a standard road bike.

Those cycling on unpaved roads or light off-road terrain may find the Schwinn Sporterra Adventure an excellent choice.

Furthermore, the bike’s aluminum frame makes it lightweight and durable. Commuters looking for a bike that can handle various conditions should consider the Sporterra.

Regarding road bikes, many riders pay a premium on speed. However, some people has greater emphasis on safety and control. The Sporterra is a bike that caters to the latter group, partly thanks to its impressive brakes. The Shimano 14-speed drivetrain is still plenty fast, but the real selling point is the Sporterra’s ability to stop on a dime.

In addition, the Sporterra is equipped with wide tires that provide plenty of traction in wet or dry conditions. As a result, riders can feel confident knowing they can always stop when needed. Whether looking for a fast bike or one that emphasizes safety, the Sporterra has something to offer.

Disc brakes tend to be more reliable than rim brakes, delivering consistent performance in all weather conditions. And, because they’re not affected by wet or muddy conditions, they’re ideal for riding off-road.

In addition to offering more stopping power, disc brakes are great for heavier riders and downhill riders. Compared to pneumatic disc brakes, mechanical disc brakes perform much better and are a good investment in the long run.

Mongoose’s Elroy Adventure Bike

The North American company Mongoose has manufactured the perfect low-cost bike for gravel lovers, the Elroy. This versatile adventure bike has an alloy frame and a steel fork, making it sturdy enough to take on any terrain.

The 700c wheels provide smooth rolling and good traction, while the bike’s geometry allows you to carry bike-packing saddlebags easily. Thanks to its multiple anchor points, the Elroy is an excellent choice for riders who want to explore the world on two wheels. The Elroy is the perfect bike for hitting the local trails or going on an adventure across the continent.

For a price under $500, this gravel bike has a 27 drivetrain with Shimano Tourney derailleurs and mechanical disc brakes. The internal routing of the cables improves the aesthetics of the bicycle.

The bike is lightweight and easy to maneuver. It rides well on both pavement and off-road trails. The bike is durable and has excellent components for the price.

The Mongoose Elroy is a tremendous entry-level budget gravel bike that offers good value.

The bike is well-made and looks good, with a sleek and modern design. The parts are high-quality, and the bike has Shimano Claris shifters and derailleurs that make shifting smooth and accurate.

Overall, the Mongoose Elroan excellent low-cost gravel bike.

Vilano Diverse 3.0 Performance Hybrid Road Bike

The Vilano Diverse 3.0 is an excellent bike with the ability to go distances quickly and smoothly on its 700c wheels and 700c x 35c tires. It’s great for riding in all kinds of weather because it has mechanical disc brakes that give you great control and stopping power.

Whether riding to work or going for a weekend ride, the hybrid bike is the perfect all-around ride. You’ll be able to get around town on the Vilano Diverse 3.0, whatever the weather. You can throw anything at this bike, thanks to its versatile design.

Whether commuting to work or hitting the trails on the weekend, the Vilano Diverse 3.0 is the perfect bike. Thanks to its 24 speeds, you can always find the right gear for your ride, no matter what terrain you’re riding on.

Vilano Diverse 3.0 Performance Hybrid Road Bike 24 Speed Disc Brakes

$399.00 $458.85
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If you’re looking for a road bike that is both lightweight and durable, then you’ll want to check out the performance hybrid. The frame and fork are made from hydroformed alloy, making the bike extraordinarily light but able to withstand some bumps and bruises.

The disc brakes provide excellent stopping power, and the upright handlebar is comfortable for long rides.

The 29-inch wheels make this bike perfect for longer rides on paved surfaces. And with a frame material of aluminum, you can be sure that this bike will last for years.

So if you’re in the market for a new road bike, be sure to take a look at the performance hybrid. You won’t be disappointed.

The Kawany Hybrid Gravel Bicycle

Adventurers will love the Kawany Hybrid Gravel Bicycle because it is made to handle any terrain.

In addition to its 700*28C tires, it offers three levels of comfort modes to suit the rider’s preferences and riding goals. In this way, the Kawany Hybrid Gravel Bicycle is one of the most versatile hybrid bikes on the market. This bike can take you anywhere on gravel roads or new trails.

There’s nothing better than the Kawany Hybrid for getting you from work to home. This bike is made from a strong aluminum alloy frame and fork, so you won’t have to worry about breaking or rusting.

The Kawany Hybrid also has front and rear suspension so that you can conquer even the roughest of trails. The Kawany Hybrid is the perfect bike for anyone who wants a durable and versatile bike that can handle any terrain.

Kent 700c Nazz Mens Gravel Road Bike, Black Comfortable 26-27 inch

Last update was on: July 3, 2024 12:31 pm

The Shimano 21-speed gear system is a versatile and reliable option for your daily commute. The wide range of gears makes it easy to find the right gear for any terrain, whether climbing hills or cruising on flat ground.

The shifters are also precision engineered for smooth, precise shifting, even under load.

In addition, the bike comes with front and rear brakes for added safety. The Kawany Hybrid Gravel Bicycle is an excellent choice for a great all-around bike.

Mountain Bike Royce Union Men’s

The Royce Union Men’sT 27.5″ men’s all-terrain mountain bike is an excellent choice for any cyclist looking for a durable and reliable ride. The aluminum frame is light but strong, and the 21-speed drivetrain makes sure you’ll always have the right gear for the terrain.

The twist shifters make shifting gears a breeze, even on the go. And the matte black finish gives the bike a sleek and stylish look.

Mountain bikes are designed to provide a smooth ride over rough terrain. However, they can also be difficult to pedal on paved surfaces. One way to overcome this issue is to equip the bike with 27.5-inch wheels. These wheels maintain rolling momentum better than smaller wheels, making it easier to pedal on flat surfaces.

In addition, the all-terrain tread pattern provides less rolling resistance than typical mountain bike tires, making it easier to ride on gravel paths and paved streets. As a result, this mountain bike performs equally well for both off-road and on-road riding.

For those with a minimum inseam of 31.25 inches, an 18-inch frame is suggested. However, 20 and 22-inch frames are also available. The Zoom suspension fork is a great addition that delivers a solid performance.

It’s also comfortable for longer rides thanks to a padded seat and adjustable handlebars.

The Shimano 21-speed drivetrain is a gear system that helps bikes shift between gears more smoothly. The bike also has front and rear suspension to absorb shocks, and its 21 speeds let you keep a comfortable speed on any terrain.

The machined alloy wheel rims on this bike are top of the line. They enable superior brake pad contact to enable the alloy linear-pull brakes to stop on demand consistently.

You’ll never have to worry about not being able to stop when you need to with these brakes. The Kraton grips and pedals are also extremely comfortable, making your ride more enjoyable. You won’t have to worry about your hands slipping or your feet sore after a long ride.

This bike has everything you need to have a great time on the trails. If you’re looking for a quality mountain bike that won’t break the bank, this is the one for you!

Retrospec AMOK Urban Gravel Bike.

The Retrospec AMOK gravel bike is an excellent choice for those looking for a sophisticated and agile bike. The 8-speed gravel bike is perfect for those who want to tackle any terrain. The price ranges from $450, making it a great entry-level gravel bike.

The bike features a durable frame, Shimano shifters, and Tektro brakes. The saddle is comfortable, and the tires can grip the ground well.

The Shimano Rapid Fire thumb gear shifter is essential for any cyclist, providing a quick and easy gear transition between road and off-road terrain. The shifter is made from lightweight materials, making it sleek and unobtrusive on the handlebar. The shifting mechanism is simple and easy, even when cycling at high speeds.

BMX bikes are designed for speed and agility and need pedals to keep up with their riders. Low-profile BMX pedals are perfect for aggressive riders who need to be able to move their feet quickly.

The Tektro mechanical disk brakes are also an excellent choice for BMX riders who need to be able to stop quickly, no matter what the conditions are. With these components, BMX riders can pedal hard and stop on a dime, ensuring that they can keep up with the competition.

Switching between different types of terrain is easy and smooth with the 700x40C Innova tires. The Innova tires provide a smooth, comfortable ride across surfaces from gravel to pavement, dirt to mud.

The unique tread pattern also helps grip the ground, giving you more control over slippery surfaces. In addition, the thick sidewalls help to protect against punctures and flats.

So, whatever terrain you’re riding on, you can feel confident that the Innova tires will provide a safe, smooth ride.

Overall, the Retrospec AMOK gravel bike is an excellent choice for those looking to get into gravel biking. It’s reasonably priced and equipped with everything you need to have a great time on any terrain.

DECATHLON Btwin Triban 100 Road Bike

For your money, the Btwin Triban 100 is one of the cheapest road bikes around, and it rides well, handles well, and is comfortable.

Lightweight and responsive, the aluminum frame and fork make the bike an excellent choice for riders. There is plenty of stopping power with the Tektro crisp shifting with Shimano. A fast-rolling, good-grip Ultra tire is also included with the bike.

The Triban 100’s frame is made from lightweight 6061-T6 aluminum alloy, making it sturdy and durable without being too heavy. The frame’s tubes are shaped unusually, like a box. This gives it an unusual look but makes for a pretty smooth ride and a relaxed riding position.

The bike is equipped with Shimano Tourney components, which are entry-level but still offer good performance and reliability. The bike also has a steel fork, which adds a bit of weight but helps absorb vibration and bumps for a smoother ride.

Shimano’s A050 7-speed gear shifter is operated with your thumb, similar to traditional index shifters. Changing gear is easy since the shifter is ergonomic and comfortable, and you don’t have to move your hand from the handlebar top.

Shimano Tourney derailleurs are also included on the bike at the rear and the front. The Tektro RL34 bike0 brake levers with dual-pivot calipers provide good stopping power at cruising speeds, the seven-speed rear derailleurs. The brake levers have a rubber hood to give you comfort and security while braking. The dual-pivot calipers are operated via the brake levers, and they provide enough stopping power to safely bring your bike to a stop safelyombination of the two components gives you a reliable braking system that will keep you safe on the road.

Also, the semi-slick tires give you a good grip on paved surfaces, and the knobbly tread lets you ride on rougher terrain.

The frame is designed with stability and comfort in mind and features plenty of mounts and eyelets for attaching fenders and a rear rack. Whether you’re looking to ride fast on paved roads or take your cycling adventures off the beaten path, this gravel bike is a great option.

Overall, the Btwin Triban 100 is an excellent option for budget-conscious cyclists looking for a quality road bike.

Takara Shiro Adventure Bike

The superb Takara Shiro Adventure bike is an excellent choice for those on a tight budget. It costs less than $250, making it one of the most affordable bikes on the market.

It has a strong frame that is easy to maneuver and comes with front and rear suspension to absorb bumps in the road. The bike also has a 21-speed Shimano drivetrain, giving you plenty of gears to choose when climbing hills or cruising on flat terrain. Best of all, the bike comes with a full warranty, so you can be sure you’re getting a quality product.

The Takara Shiro is a top-of-the-line multi-purpose bike that is perfect for novice and experienced riders. The bike features a high-tensile and strong steel frame that can withstand the rugged terrain of any mountain trail.

The 700c x 40mm tires are perfect for transitioning between different types of terrain, and they’re also great for absorbing the impact from riding on potholes and rough roads. The bike is also equipped with disc brakes, offering superior stopping power in all weather conditions.

It comes with a Shimano 21-speed drivetrain, making it perfect for tackling any terrain. The frame is made from steel, making it lightweight yet strong. The bike also comes with front and rear suspension, making riding extra comfortable on rough roads.

Plus, the tires are wide enough to provide good traction on loose surfaces. Overall, the Takara Shiro gravel bike is an excellent option for anyone who wants a durable and versatile bike that can handle any terrain.

Populo Quest 16-Speed Gravel Bike

The Populo Quest 16-speed gravel bike is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a durable and affordable bike. The frame is made of 4130 double-butted Cro-Mo steel, which is both strong and lightweight.

The 16-speed drivetrain provides plenty of gear options for climbing hills or cruising on flat terrain, and the Shimano brakes offer reliable stopping power. The bike also comes with a comfortable saddle, and best of all, the Quest can be yours for less than $400, making it an excellent value for money.

At an excellent price, the gravel bike is fitted with a Shimano Claris 16-speed drivetrain and durable, reliable 160mm Tekro disk brakes for added stopping power in all conditions. The Tekro disk brakes are a great addition to any bike, providing extra stopping power and reliability in all conditions.

The Shimano Claris drivetrain is another excellent feature. When riding, you can choose from 16 different speeds.

The Quest is a great all-purpose bike, as it is equipped with both frame and fork eyelets. The bike is also affordable, making it an excellent option for those who want to get the most bang for their buck.

Whether you’re looking to ride on the roads or take on rougher terrain, the Quest is a great choice. This bike is an excellent choice for a durable, reliable, and affordable gravel bike.

Diamondback Haanjo Trail 24 Alternative Road Bike

The Diamondback Haanjo is a great gravel bike for children and youngsters. It’s lightweight and durable, making it perfect for long rides on rough terrain. Plus, it usually costs less than $500, making it an excellent value.

Beginners will enjoy riding the Haanjo’s comfortable upright position. Your child or youngster deserves a good gravel bike.

This frame tubing is made from 6061 T6 aluminum, lightweight, durable, and shaped for strength. As a result of the T6 frame, the rider can enjoy a comfortable riding position while the strong head tube supports a great sense of steering response, road absorption, and road control.

The horizontal top tube provides more stand-over height for getting on and off the bike.

The frame plays a significant role in this by allowing you to sit in a position that won’t put too much strain on your body. The head tube is also an essential part of the frame as it helps absorb any bump in the road, giving you a smoother ride.

It also provides a good steering response and control, so you can focus on enjoying the ride instead of worrying about losing your balance. With a well-designed frame, you can have peace of mind knowing that you’ll be able to enjoy a comfortable and safe ride.

A Shimano Claris 8-speed drivetrain completes the gravel bike for kids. 46/36T chainrings make riding safer and more manageable in rough and urban terrain. Among cheap gravel bikes for children are the 24-inch knobby tires and Flaro road handlebars.

The tires on the bike are designed for both road and off-road use. The bike is available in two sizes, making it suitable for children and adults.

Kent 700c Nazz Men’s Gravel Road Bike

The Kent 700c Nazz Men’s Gravel Road Bike is a versatile and affordable way to get around town. The black frame is steel, and the bike comes with 26-27-inch wheels and tires that can handle rough roads and trails.

The bike has a comfortable upright position, and the suspension fork helps smooth out bumps. The 21 speeds make it easy to find gear for any terrain.

The Shimano shifters are easy to use, and cable-actuated disc brakes give you plenty of stopping power.

The Adventure Road Bike is perfect for riders who want to explore new trails and roads. With a steel frame and fork, this bike is designed for durability and stability and can handle any terrain.

The durable steel frame can take a beating, and heavy-duty breaks will stop you when you need it most. The 14-speed gearing system is great for hills, and the pedals are wider for added stability.

The 700C x 40 tires provide a smooth ride on any surface, and the textured tread gives you traction on gravel or sand.

Shimano shifters and rear derailleurs are designed to work together and offer a wide range of gears that can be used on any terrain. If you are looking for a quality shifting system that can handle any terrain, then Shimano is a great option.

The hydraulic disc brakes provide plenty of stopping power in all conditions, making the Nazz an ideal choice for anyone who wants a great all-around bike.

Whether you are looking to get started in gravel racing or simply want a reliable bike for your daily commute, the Kent 700c Nazz is an excellent option under $500.

What to Look for Before Buying the Best Gravel Bike Under $500?

Geometry and Frame

Frame geometry is an essential factor to consider when choosing a bike. It affects the bike’s handling characteristics, weight distribution, and ride comfort.

Road bikes have a more aggressive geometry designed for speed and efficiency. This usually results in a less comfortable ride for long distances. Gravel bikes have a more relaxed geometry designed for stability and comfort.

This makes them a better choice for long rides on rough terrain. The trade-off is that gravel bikes are not as fast as road bikes. However, many riders find increased comfort worth the trade-off in speed.

A reasonable frame will last for years and can be used on multiple bikes. Steel frames are the most common type of frame, and they’re also the most affordable. Steel frames are strong and durable, so you don’t have to worry about breaking or bending.

Steel is a solid material, so it can be used to create lightweight frames that are still durable. Steel frames also tend to be less expensive than other materials. However, steel frames can be heavier than aluminum or carbon fiber.

Steel frames also absorb vibration, making them more comfortable riding on rough roads.


When choosing a bike, gearing is essential. Both Shimano and SRAM make reliable entry-level groupsets that will help you climb all the hills and build and keep speed.

Shimano’s entry-level gears are built for durability and easy shifting, whereas SRAM’s gears are lighter and provide a more precise shifting experience. Either way, you’ll be able to enjoy the smooth-shifting and dependable performance on any ride.

So if you’re looking for gears that can take your riding to the next level, check out Shimano and SRAM’s entry-level offerings.

Brake System

Brakes are one of the most critical safety features on any bicycle. They allow you to slow down and stop, which can be essential when riding on busy roads or downhill.

There are two main brakes used on bicycles: disk brakes and v-brakes (also called cantilever brakes).

Disk brakes are generally more potent than V-brakes and are better suited for heavy-duty use, such as on mountain bikes. V-brakes are typically lighter and easier to adjust, making them a good choice for city or gravel bikes.

When choosing a brake for your bicycle, you must consider what type of riding you will be doing and what your budget is. Brakes are essential to any bicycle, so make sure to choose wisely!

Tires and wheels

Wheels and tires are one of the most important aspects of a gravel bike. The gravel bike tires are more comprehensive than road and hybrid bikes and often have more tread and grip than tires. This makes them perfect for riding on rough terrain. The width of the tires also helps to improve stability and control.

In addition, the increased tread and grip help to protect the bike from punctures. The wheels of a gravel bike are also more comprehensive than those of a road bike. This gives the bike more stability and makes it easier to ride on rough roads. The wheels’ width also helps improve the bike’s ability to grip the ground.

That’s why choosing a gravel bike with solid wheels is essential. The best gravel bikes under $500 mentioned above all have wheels up to the task of keeping you in control off-road. Each one is built to last and can handle the wear and tear of riding over rough terrain.

In addition, each wheel is designed to provide optimal traction and control, so you can feel confident taking on any challenge that comes your way.

The spoke count of a wheel determines its strength and the likelihood of it buckling when placed under pressure. In general, gravel bike wheels are made with 24 to 32 spokes, but if you plan to use the wheels on rough terrain or with a lot of weight, you’ll want to choose a wheelset with more spokes.

The more spokes a wheel has, the heavier it will be. However, this weight penalty is worth it if you need a durable wheelset that can take a beating.

Suspension Type

Suspension is essential to any car because it makes driving more comfortable and stable.

Some suspension forks are designed for gravel bikes, a type of bike designed for riding on rough roads or trails. Suspension forks can make gravel riding more comfortable by absorbing bumps and shock from the road.

They can also make it easier to control the bike on rough terrain. Suspension forks are an essential part of a gravel bike and can make a big difference in the ride quality.


Is it more difficult to bike on gravel?

It requires more effort to ride on gravel than on pavement. This is because gravel is a loose surface, so your tires don’t have the exact grip as they would on the pavement.

As a result, you must work harder to pedal and maintain control of your bike. This extra work makes you use more muscles, including those in your upper body that doesn’t work as much when you ride on pavement.

What is the typical speed of a gravel bike?

Though it varies depending on the terrain, most riders can average around 15 miles per hour on a gravel bike. Of course, experienced cyclists can go even faster. On a paved road, a gravel bike can reach speeds of up to 30 miles per hour. So if you’re looking for a workout or an adventure, grab a gravel bike and hit the open road.

What is the purpose of a gravel bike?

A gravel bike is a type of bicycle designed to be ridden on various surfaces, including paved roads, gravel, and even single-track trails. Unlike traditional road bikes, gravel bikes generally have wider tires and a more upright riding position, making them more stable and comfortable to ride on rougher terrain.

Also, gravel bikes often have features that make them more versatile than other bikes. For example, they may have drop-bar handlebars that let you hold the bike differently and large frame bags that can hold everything you need for a day on the trail.

Is gravel biking better than MTB?

Gravel bike tires are heavier and slower rolling, but they offer more comfort and traction. On faster, smoother terrain, gravel bike tires have an advantage.

But mountain bike tires can handle the bumps better on rougher roads and trails. So it all comes down to the type of riding you want to do. A gravel bike is probably your best bet if you want to go fast on smooth roads. But a mountain bike is probably the way to go if you want to tackle some rougher terrain.

Is a gravel bike worth it?

Yes, a gravel bike can be worth the investment. Here are some of the reasons why:

First, gravel bikes have wider tires to provide stability and traction on dirt roads and uneven terrain. They also tend to have lower gears to help you power through mud and sand. A gravel bike can help you ride faster and smoother in conditions that would slow down a road bike.

Second, gravel bikes have a more relaxed geometry, meaning that you will be in a less aggressive riding position. This can help reduce fatigue on long rides and make it easier to enjoy the scenery.

Gravel bikes tend to be very versatile.

Is a gravel bike good for long distances?

The gravel bike is becoming increasingly popular for several reasons, but primarily because it’s suitable for long distances.

Additionally, it has better ways to carry your gear on the bicycle, which is handy if you plan to be out all day.

Bottom Line

We have some great options for you if you are looking for great budget gravel bikes that don’t break the bank. Our list of the 12 best gravel bikes under $500 has something for everyone.

Some of the buying tips for your next budget gravel bike are mentioned above. So whether you’re just getting into gravel biking or looking for an upgrade, be sure to check out our list!

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